Work in Progress

The great pioneer of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky, wrote a very interesting thought in his book entitled Point and Line to Plane:

“…present day is only the springboard to “tomorrow” and only in this role can it be accepted with innermost tranquility”.

He may refer to the idea of having and being a work in progress. Kandinsky basically talks about the passage of time. Perhaps when your current situation is challenging and looking bleak, or when you are in the middle of the process and you are starting to feel fatigue, this thought can be encouraging.

However, there is also the thought that all you ever really have is that of “now” or this actual moment. These two seemingly opposed ideas are hard to reconcile.

After some thought, it seems though that it is somehow connected and pointing to one thing: All you have is the present moment, but in this present moment it can evolve into something else. To something perhaps better or something worse, but it will evolve like how the clouds will evolve over time.

The keyword here is acceptance. I believe that through acceptance, one can begin to forge ahead and overcome the challenges that one faces. Perhaps by being in the now, but also accepting the present day with tranquility because there is tomorrow, is a way of overcoming the challenges of life.

Drawing in the Dark Exercise of drawing without looking at the paper plane

I tried this quick drawing exercise of blind drawing. Just simply blindfold or close your eyes and put the pen to paper. See what happens from there. After the activity here are some notes I quickly jotted down.

1. Started with the idea of a person moving from one place to another, a higher place, a better place

2.Developed the idea of “where you are, many challenges all around”

3. “When achieving a certain goal, it may not be fulfilling, and you find yourself striving for the next goal, which is higher, and still more challenging.”

4. A face of fatigue seems to emerge from the elements below.

5. What was supposed to be grass, looks like stubbles of hair, could be a sign of age

After some thought, I realized that another idea that could emerge from the quick drawing is

6. Sometimes you are actually alright where you are, and by moving around too much you can end up being fatigued by so much activity.”

Going through the motions of these simple introspective exercises seem to bring out some interesting discussions with the self which otherwise would not have come about. This is perhaps the point of creative practice/work. Things can emerge depending on where you are, and had you not done the activity, you may not garner such an insight.

I guess it is the same with art, and music. Sometimes you don’t have the exact detailed idea of the end result, and what may come about may surprise you.