Learning by Taking the Plunge

Realized this for myself: Taking the plunge, taking immediate action, and beginning to work on your idea is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It simply propels you forward and have something at hand. The beauty of publishing something (or posting) is that it forces you to make the necessary creative decisions so you can come up with something.

The work may not be perfect, but I realized that perfection can be the enemy. Judging your work, trying to find out if its good or bad, leads to the death of the work. A creation never seeing the light of day is painful. How many hard drives of unfinished work, untapped potential, do you have?

This can apply to projects, to music, to art, and to life in general. Perfectionism makes you focus on the outcome too much. What I nurture for myself is an attitude of appreciating the process.

A tip I got from a creative person, Matt Farley, is that he just kept going and going, creating song after song. Perfectionism did not stop him. Even if he thought it wasn’t the best, he just proceeded to upload because he could always upload again; he can always write a better song and publish that. He knew that the album/song that was just posted was not the last!

Here’s a recent work I did by just taking the plunge:

Cover art is fun to do, and it allows you to put a number of elements together. I used two photos I took of cityscapes, a free-to-use stock photo, and some lettering. This was done through an open-source software called GIMP. What came out was a completely new work which was miles away from the original source material. It was just the creative use of layering, and effects. The process of going through each step became part discovery, part exploration, part experimentation.. the process itself generated pleasure.

Small developments like these make the process of learning, creating, and executing ideas fun. Makes you want to keep doing it again and again.

I hope that we can always find the strength to move forward with our projects and take the plunge.